mardi 3 mai 2011

Château de Condé 1760

Il y a presque un mois, le groupe de reconstitution historique 'Le Bosquet' a organisé un superbe week-end au château de Condé-en-Brie (Aisne) et le thème était l'année 1760.
Tout fut merveilleux, les lieux, les costumes, les convives, l'organisation, le temps splendide.
C'était donc l'occasion de faire deux costumes pour moi, un habit de jour et une tenue de chasse.
La tenue de jour en coton plumetis rose et verte est basée sur un patron de 1760 qui se trouve dans le livre de Nora Waugh "the cut of men's clothes".
Cet habit compte 61 boutonnières!!!

L'autre habit est un habit de chasse tiré du livre "Fashion" du Kyoto Museum, l'original étant en peau de chamois, ici je l'ai reproduit en suédine.
On pourra donc dire que je me suis beaucoup exercé à faire des boutonnières :)

Pour plus de photos de cet évènement, je vous recommande le lien suivant vers le site de l'excellent photographe Phil Thomason, ainsi que sa page facebook.

About a month ago we attended a wonderful event at the Château de Condé-en-Brie with the reenactment group 'Le Bosquet' and the theme was the year 1760.
Everything was just perfect, the place, the costumes, the people, the organisation, the weather (!)
I made two outfits, one for the day and one for the hunt.
The day suit is based on a pattern by Nora Waugh in 'the cut of men's clothes' and is made in a rose and green coton with a dotted pattern.
I made 61 buttonholes for the entire outfit!
The hunting outfit is based on an extant costume from the book 'Fashion' from the Kyoto Museum.
The original was made in chamois leather but I made mine in suede.
Again, a lot of buttonholes and buttons as you can see, I'm now an expert in this field :)

A lot of pictures from this event here on the website and the facebook page of the talented photographer Phil Thomason .

4 commentaires:

Angela a dit…

Beautiful work as usual, Phil. All those buttonholes. Oh my! On suede it must have been a bit easier but the cotton - machine or hand? If by hand, I bow to your industry!
What was the event about? A weekend one? Or one day event? I have sewing projects galore that I want to get started on so yours have inspired me to get moving on them.
Summer is nearly here. Have a great one! Angela

Phil a dit…

Hi Angela, thanks! the buttonholes are all machine sewed,if by hand I would be still busy making them :)
This was for a weekend event and a lot of work for only two days... but even with the help of a sewing machine, each outfit takes up to 40 hours of labour...
Good luck for all your projects, I'm happy to be a source of inspiration :) Have a nice summer too! Phil.

Lucia a dit…

The first time i see a blog of a man doing rococo-reenactment (: Very refreshing and intresting!

Phil a dit…

Thanks a lot! More to come in the next few months!! but it'll be a bit slow, too much work at present :(