lundi 25 juin 2012

Maintenon les photos ;)

Copyright Corine Warnier
Voici enfin, avec beaucoup de retard, les photos des"Plaisirs du Roy" au château de Maintenon.
Merci infiniment aux talentueux Phil Thomason et Corine Warnier! (cliquez sur leurs noms pour voir les photos!)
Ce costume n'a pas l'air compliqué comme cela mais ce fut le plus difficile que j'ai eu à faire jusqu'à présent, avec toute la passementerie et le nombre de boutons!
Je dis cela mais je recommencerais avec plaisir :)

Et maintenant, c'est reparti pour un autre habit, cette fois cap sur 1730, pour le Château de Condé où je tiendrai le rôle de Marivaux!

Finally pictures of "les plaisirs du Roy" at Maintenon Castle.
A very grateful thanks to the most talented Phil Thomason and Corine Warnier! (click on their names to see the photos!)
This particular costume was the hardest I ever made with all these decorations and buttons! 
                                                                              But I would certainly do it again with joy!

                               And now I'm heading to 1730 at Condé next month where I will be Marivaux!

8 commentaires:

Angela a dit…

Phil. Well done m'dear! You are such a natural for the period! I love Phil Thomason's images. He is quite a photographer. As I am not well versed in the history of France, who is Marivaux? Hope all goes will with that event. Cheers.

Phil a dit…

Thank you Angela! Marivaux was a famous play writer but unfortunately that event is cancelled.... so no 1730's costume this year... Maybe something else in September and the period will be Regency :) Cheers.

mela a dit…

Superbe ! Et en plus vous le portez très bien !

Phil a dit…

Merci bcp ;))

Kendra a dit…

Beautiful!!! J'adore le tissu, et tous ces boutons!

Phil a dit…

Thanks a lot Kendra!!! and waouw!! your French!!!! perfection :)
I was thinking of you the other day
1)your Norma Schaerer is stunning!!! Love it!!
2) I have to go to see the 18th century exhibition here in Brussels and I'll promise you to make a duly report of it... before my departure for England... for a month!!!! yeeh!!!!

Angela a dit…

Phil, - out in the historical clothing blogging world, people nominate and award other bloggers for their contributions to the community. I have done so for your blog. Check it out on mine. I hope you don't mind. I just thought others should know about the beautiful work you do. Cheers.

Phil a dit…

Thanks so much Angela, I have done the same :)